Open Book

We are an "open book" for you who know us and follow us. An "open book" in which each of you can leave his mark and... his heart. The same heart that we have always put here in SanCarlo.

Share your emotions, impressions, photos with us. We will be happy to publish them in this space.

Buongiorno Gemma,
many thanks for your EXCELLENT tour. We greatly enjoyed learning about the story of SanCarlo Winery. Each time that we drink this wine, we will always remember the beautiful SanCarlo vineyards, and especially, we will remember you and your passion for making of the wine!

Kathleen & Thomas from US, September 2023

Thank you Gemma, it was a pleasure having a tour of your winery. We enjoyed the time you spent with us explaining about you family and the vineyard and enjoyed your delicious wine too.

Richard and Debby from US, September 2023

Charlie from London, April 2022

BARRY from US, February 2020

"Me and my wife visited you at San Carlo a few years ago with a couple of friends. That visit is a memory that we have cherished ever since. Not only was the wine phenomenal, but your hospitality made the trip something special that we will remember forever"

Frank from US, April 2020

To all, I want to take this time to thank your dad for his very special gift. We had visited your winery on a special tour and I had a long conversation with your dad. He had treated me to his special wine from his private cabinet which was delicious. We talked through the tour guide and I explained that my daughter's name was Siena. She was conceived in Siena back on a vacation we had in 1990,and we named her after the beautiful city. So we had planned this trip to show her Siena. "After the conversation your dad ,he went in the back and brought out a 1990 bottle of wine Brunello. He gave it to my daughter and told her to open on a special occasion. Well Siena got engaged in Jan. and she is getting married in 2021 September.
I'm writing this email to advise that the special occasion is here and we plan to open the bottle soon with the family to celebrate the couple to be. Once again thank you for this warm gesture of kindness. It was a story we told many times. Blessings and hope to visit again sometime soon,hope all of you are well."